Fainting Goats
We raise and sell Registered Fainting Goats. They are unique, multi-purpose and medium sized (20 to 24"). They come in a variety of colors, some with blue/white eyes. The genetic "myotonia" condition causes their muscles to "lock-up" for a few seconds when "suddenly" startled. They do NOT pass-out, it is NOT painful and it does NOT shorten the average normal goat life span. Our goats are raised in a clean and healthy enviroment. Babies (kids) are due in early spring. We disbud, vaccinate and will ship.
We would like to see these Fainting Goats protected and preserved as a true breed for our future. Who knows what someone might discover about this goat breed that may help a child with a severe debilitating muscle disease.

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No-Knees Fainting Goat Farm
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